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Jupp Consulting is an independent practice providing a range of practical & commercial strategic, tax and business services

We provide practical and commercial solutions to help our clients maximise their potential.
We do not hide behind technical jargon, although we have a wealth of tax and general business knowledge.

Jupp Consulting specialises in providing tax and general strategic advice to owner-managed businesses, fast-growth entrepreneurial businesses (particularly in the technology sector) and small PLCs.
We also provide advice to early-stage UK subsidiaries of foreign-owned parents where the issues encountered are very similar to those of a UK-based entrepreneurial business.

Jupp Consulting also provides specialist tax advice to small independent firms of accountants which do not have the in-house depth of tax expertise.

With over 30 years’ experience of working with privately-owned companies, Andrew provides non-executive director services, helping management teams to shape the future of the business, focus on strategic priorities, and plan for the future exit strategy. Andrew also acts as an advisor to smaller firms of accountants which want to benefit from his experience and skills in change management and people development.

Andrew writes and broadcasts on tax issues affecting fast-growth businesses and has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme and a range of local TV and radio programmes.

Our advice to entrepreneurs and their businesses sets us apart from our competitors. We cover a wide range of topics, from the early stages of writing a business plan and attracting early-stage investment, through to expanding into new markets, and finally to exiting the business so as to extract the maximum value in the most tax-efficient way. We have a particular interest in the exploitation of intellectual property and its taxation (see also our joint venture aproposIP).

The journey from thought to finish can be fraught with hurdles, but our role is to make this as painless as possible whilst you concentrate on building your business. Whether it be taking an established business and growing it to the next stage, or starting from an initial idea, our range of advice will help you navigate the minefield you face. Successful entrepreneurs are those who realise that they don’t need to completely re-invent the wheel; others have been there and done it. We bring the insight and knowledge we have built up through working with many businesses, which together with your ideas, insight and passion gives you the best chance of succeeding.

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