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Strategic Business Advice

Owner managers are often so busy running the company and taking care of day to day things that they don’t have the chance to step back and consider the bigger picture. With over 30 years’ experience of working with businesses at different stages of their evolution, we are in the fortunate position of having “been there, done that, seen that” on numerous occasions. Our advice ranges from general support and challenges, to very specific advice on key business decisions.

We use a variety of techniques to help business owners develop a medium and long-term strategy for the business and work with them to help them achieve their goals and objectives. We offer facilitated workshops where we help management teams take stock of where they are now, consider where they want to be and what their aspirations are, and identify the enablers and barriers that need to be considered in getting there.

We provide help with all the house-keeping and early/medium stage decisions that a new business has to make, including advising on compliance requirements, finance-raising possibilities, HR matters and marketing and sales strategy.

The choice of business structure (sole trader, LLP, company) is important,but so is flexibility. What may be right now may not be the best in the medium or long-term and we can ensure that all options are kept open.

If appropriate we work with experienced marketing consultants to identify new markets for the existing product or service and extension sales into new markets. Where overseas expansion is involved, we have a great deal of experience in advising on appropriate business structures, so as to focus on commercial exploitation and sales, whilst minimising compliance costs and ensuring that you do not pay any more overseas tax than is absolutely necessary. We can also advise on compliance requirements in the jurisdictions you choose to operate in, working with our network of contacts around the world.

Many businesses expand by acquiring a competitor, or a business in a complementary market. We can assist with identifying possible business fits, carrying out financial and tax due diligence, and structuring the acquisition in the most tax-advantageous manner.

Ultimately all business owners are looking to maximise the value of their business, whether it be to pass on to the next family generation, sale to key management by way of a management buyout (MBO) or management buy in (MBI), or a trade sale or flotation. Preparation for maximising shareholder value cannot start too soon, and we work with clients from day one to “groom them for exit”.

Whatever the exit route is (and you don’t need to decide that now), early preparation is vital. As well as our ongoing advice, we have developed a number of other ways of helping you:

  • Facilitated workshops to explore the different options available
  • Ensuring that the business is in the best possible shape
  • Early tax planning to ensure that all options are kept open and that the final value does not get eroded by unexpected tax liabilities

Finally realising the value in your business can be daunting. We help by making the process as easy as possible. We have a range of specialist Lead Advisory contacts with whom we work regularly and they can help to find potential buyers and manage the entire process. We can project manage the whole process, liaising with other professionals such as lawyers (acting on both sides), corporate finance specialists and potential funders.

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