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Welcome to our website which we have deliberately kept clear and simple. Like our advice, it is practical and easy to use. But we hope it gives you a flavour of what we do and tempts you to find out more.

I blog regularly on issues that affect entrepreneurial businesses which are close to my heart. I’m an all-round business advisor, and tax specialist. There’s always lots going on in the tax world and I will share some of my thoughts with you. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

Life is tough for the entrepreneur and private businesses in general. Despite claims to the contrary, banks are more or less closed for business. Other traditional sources of funding are few and far between. Early-stage businesses need to have an exceptional idea to secure funding. More established businesses need to fund expansion out of profits.

In our profession there’s been consolidation and there will continue to be so. The largest firms are moving back into the world of management consulting (funny how things come round in circles) and other top firms are squeezing the big boys at the edges. One thing doesn’t change though – most decisions are driven by short-term profit needs; I should know, I’ve been there and got the tee-shirt. That’s why it’s so exciting and refreshing to have established Jupp Consulting and be completely independent. We can really put our clients’ needs first, provide a cost-efficient and proactive service, and celebrate with you when your success brings us success.

Andrew Jupp – Founder and Principal

Spring Statement 2019 – the headlines

Spring Statement 2019 – the headlines 150 150 AJ

Short and to the point. What else could the Chancellor do with so much political and structural uncertainty surrounding this statement? He said that the UK economy continues to grow, with wages increasing and unemployment at historic lows, providing a solid foundation on which to build Britain’s economic future. With borrowing and debt both forecast to be lower in every year than at last year’s…

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The Budget – a missed opportunity for incentivising IP creation?

The Budget – a missed opportunity for incentivising IP creation? 150 150 AJ

Why do businesses create IP and what additional help do they need to encourage this? Incentives come in various forms, monetary or non-monetary, and they tend to be applied to induce product-orientated development ideas, which can be used in combinations of new and existing technologies and resources (Schumpeter,1934, writing in the Theory of Economic Development, published by Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA). But why are…

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The Budget 2018

The Budget 2018 150 150 AJ

Lots of small changes. Many one-off giveaways. Lots of headline-grabbing announcements. Legislative tinkering. The Chancellor “Austerity is coming to an end but discipline will remain”. So, the Budget was earlier than we were expecting, to avoid clashing with the final stage of Brexit negotiations in November. Of course, this is the final Budget when the UK is part of the European Union, so how the…

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Budget 2018 – predictions and wishlist

Budget 2018 – predictions and wishlist 150 150 AJ

So, the Chancellor has surprised many by announcing that the Budget will be on 29 October. In my previous blog I speculated why it had moved to a Monday and have been scratching my head ever since wondering what this Budget might surprise us with. I guess he had possibly hoped that an outline Brexit deal would have been done before he had to unveil…

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Budget Day announced

Budget Day announced 150 150 AJ

The Chancellor has announced that the Autumn Budget will take place on Monday 29 October. The day is much earlier than was expected and will see the second Autumn Budget since Mr Hammond abolished the Autumn Statement in 2016, and moved the then Spring Budget to the autumn. This year, the Budget will fall on a Monday, rather than the normal day which is Wednesday.…

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Finance Bill 2018-19

Finance Bill 2018-19 150 150 AJ

Our view – both good and bad The Treasury has published draft provisions for Finance Bill 2018-19. This was first published for consultation on 6 July 2018. This publication of draft legislation ahead of its introduction to Parliament is part of the government’s tax policy making process, which was updated last December. The draft legislation runs to some 222 pages, including 40 draft clauses and…

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Spring Statement 2018

Spring Statement 2018 150 150 AJ

The Chancellor has presented his first Spring Statement. As expected, it was a short statement, which concentrated on giving headline economic figures, rather than any detailed tax changes. However, the Chancellor did launch several consultations which invite views on future changes to the tax system. We would expect legislation to be announced in the Budget in the autumn. Interestingly, there were strong hints that the…

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Budget Analysis – Autumn 2017

Budget Analysis – Autumn 2017 150 150 AJ

The Headlines “The UK will be prepared for every possible Brexit outcome.” “At this Budget we choose a balanced approach.” There was a lot of talk about encouraging innovation and technology but not a lot of real substance or new money/incentives. Investment in 5G and fibre broadband, and Artificial Intelligence. Yes, a few changes to EIS and R&D but is it enough? A lot of…

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Budget 22 November – predictions

Budget 22 November – predictions 150 150 AJ

The Chancellor will deliver the second Budget of 2017 on 22 November. Our view is that it could be one or two things. Either it could be a “steady as you go Budget”, no doubt making a number of small legislative changes, or it could be far more radical and seek to raise taxes overtly rather than covertly. Much of the detailed content is already…

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My very personal view on tax avoidance

My very personal view on tax avoidance 150 150 AJ

I’m not going to mince my words. I think that tax avoidance is morally wrong. I have no time for it. I do not advise on it – I never have and I never will. Not the view of many tax advisors, I appreciate that. But with such a spotlight on it at the moment, I think I have a duty to be clear to…

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